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سلام دوستان

بزودی به این آدرس اسباب کشی کامل خواهیم کرد . لطفا برای هر چه بهتر شدن این سایت نظر بدهید . منتظر نظرات شما عزیزان هستم .





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Scientific American's The Science of War - Weapons

Scientific American's The Science of War - Weapons
PDF | English | 1.5 MB

Scientific American is a popular-science magazine, published (first weekly and later monthly) since August 28, 1845, making it the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. It brings articles about new and innovative research to the amateur and lay audience.

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SuperBike Magazine

April 2007

SuperBike Magazine April 2007
 | English | 15 MB

SuperBike is an irreverent, humorous and massively informative magazine for all kinds of bikers. The staff has decades of testing and riding experience and are all still passionate about bikes. Biking is – or should be – great fun as well as a huge thrill. The magazine writers know this and so do SuperBike readers. The truth is, no matter what kind of bike you ride, you'll find something to inspire you in SuperBike every single month.


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Motor Magazine

March 2007

Motor Magazine March 2007 | PDF | 7.4 Mb

Motor Magazine March 2007

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Space News Magazine
 March 5 2007

Space News Magazine March 5 2007 | 2 Mb
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Draw ۵۰ Flowers, Trees and Other Plants 

Draw ۵۰ Flowers, Trees and Other Plants (Draw ۵۰) by Lee J. Ames (Illustrator)
Publisher: Kingfisher Books Ltd (July ۱۹۹۵) | ISBN-۱۰: ۱۸۵۶۹۷۴۶۹۳ | PDF | ۶,۷ Mb | ۶۴ pages



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New Electronics February 2007
PDF | English | 10 MB

New Electronics is the only electronics design magazine written specifically to complement the engineer's work pattern.

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Courrier International No. 852


 6 MB

This number was somehow skipped earlier. Now I supply it. !




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Scientific American's The Search For Alien Life

Scientific American's The Search For Alien Life

 | English | 1.8 MB


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Money Magazine 

March 2007

Money Magazine | March 2007 | PDF | 20.5Mb

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US News & World Report

March 19 2007

US News & World Report March 19 2007
 | English | 17 MB
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The Economist

March 10 2007

The Economist March 10 2007
| English | 2.8 MB



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Breakthrough Windows Vista

برای یاد‌گرفتن آن دسته از ویژگی‌های ویندوز ویسنا كه بیش‌تر دوست‌شان دارید، این كتاب مصور تمام رنگی بهترین منبع به حساب می‌آید. این كتاب پر است از اطلاعات دست اول كه تیر شما را درست به هدف می‌زند و هر آن‌چه را كه برای كشف این سیستم عامل جدید لازم داشته باشید، در اختیارتان قرار می‌دهد. به این ترتیب می‌توانید نحوه‌ی تنظیم‌كردن ویستا و تطبیق‌دادن آن با میل و سلیقه‌ی خودتان را به طور كامل فرا بگیرید.


Breakthrough Windows Vista


این كتاب در قطع chm و 288 صفحه حدود هشت و نیم مگابایت حجم دارد .

Breakthrough Windows Vista

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PC Magazine

 April 10 2007

PC Magazine April 10 2007
 | English | 27 MB
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Medicine Vol 35(1)

 January 2007

Medicine Vol 35(1) January 2007

 6.3 Mb


MIRROR - depositfiles.com




Medicine Vols 34(4-8) April - August 2006 (Cardiology)

Medicine Vols 34(4-8) April - August 2006 (Cardiology) | PDF | 9.4 Mb

Despite the large range of investigations that are now available
for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, a good clinical history
remains the clinician’s most valuable diagnostic tool. In many
cases, the diagnosis may be made from the history alone, and
examination and investigations are confirmatory. In other cases,
a useful differential diagnosis list can be made and used to direct
investigations towards the most likely diagnoses.
A key objective of history-taking is to establish a clear description
of the presenting symptom, and to detect any pattern to
episodes of the symptom. This involves asking about precipitating
and relieving factors (e.g. exercise, emotional stress, meals), and
identifying any diurnal or other temporal pattern. When the history
is unclear, it can be helpful to ask patients or their partner to keep
a diary of their symptoms. Although this contribution focuses on
cardiac symptoms, helpful supportive information is often found
by paying attention to the previous medical history, medication
and the social history.




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Smart Computing

May 2007

Smart Computing Magazine May 2007
PDF | 4 MB


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Science Magazine

 March 9 2007

Science Magazine March 9 2007
PDF | English | 29 MB


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Scientific American's Extreme Physics

Scientific American's Extreme Physics
PDF | English | 1.8 MB
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PC Today Magazine

 May 2007

 PDF | 5.6MB


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March 19 2007

BusinessWeek March 19 2007
PDF | English | 27 MB
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Computer Shopper

April 2007

Computer Shopper April 2007
PDF | English | 22.7 MB

Computer Shopper is a monthly home computing magazine published in the United States.
The magazine at one time held the record of being the heaviest magazine, totalling well over 800 pages per issue on a large 10" x 15" format. Most of these were advertisements for mail order computer & computer parts stores. Since the rise of the world wide web and online ordering the magazine has shrunk a great deal, although it still features reviews of over 300 products per issue.

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 Microsoft Windows Registry Guide, Second Edition

Title: Microsoft Windows Registry Guide
Author: Jerry Honeycutt
Pages: 608
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Edition: 2nd Edition, August 17, 2005
Language: English
ISBN: 0735622183
Format: CHM
Size: 2.07 MB



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Electronic Gaming Monthly

April 2007

Electronic Gaming Monthly April 2007
PDF | English | 25.6 MB


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Le Monde

 09 03 2007

Le Monde 09 03 2007
PDF | French | 10 MB


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 09 03 2007

Newsweek 09 03 2007
PDF | Polish | 13 MB
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Before and After Magazine - Design A Panoramic Booklet

جدیدترین شماره‌ی مجله‌ی «قبل و بعد» كه به امورات روزمره‌ی گرافیك كامیوتری می‌پردازد و این مباحث را به زبان بسیار ساده و در عمل برای افراد غیر حرفه‌ای تشریح می‌سازد، پیش روی شما قرار دارد. مقالات این مجله  آن‌چنان مفید و كاربردی است كه همه می‌توانند از آن‌ها استفاده كنند. در این شماره می‌توانید نحوه‌ی تولید یك دفترچه‌ی پانورامیك (عریض) را به صورت قدم به قدم و با جزییات كامل آن فرا بگیرید تا هر جا كه لازم شد دست به چنین كاری بزنید، كم نیاورید.


 Before and After Magazine - Design A Panoramic Booklet


سایت رسمی این نشریه در این‌جا بناشده است. اما این شماره‌ی آن كه در قطع پی‌دی‌اف و 16 صفحه منتشر شده، در حدود سه و نیم مگابایت حجم دارد .


Before and After Magazine - Design A Panoramic Booklet

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Virtual Instruments Magazine

 February/March 2007

Virtual Instruments Magazine
February/March 2007
Format: PDF
Pages: 68
Size ~ 18.98 MB
Language: English


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Solar House: A Guide for the Solar Designer

Author :    By Terry Galloway
Publisher:  Architectural Press (April 19, 2004)
Pages:       240
Format:     PDF
ISBN         0750658312     
Marime:    4.84 MB



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Underwater Magazine 

March 2007 Issue

Underwater Magazine - March 2007 Issue

March 2007 Issue | PDF | 6,6 Mb


News, Travel & Events

New York Underwater Photo Society
Dive Photo Guide competitions
Bahama sharks with Eric Cheng
Truk with Martin Edge
Emerald Seas Best Cover Design
Dominica recompression chamber
The Underwater Channel
Underwater Artists with Michael Aw in Bali
Layang Layang digital photo shootout 2007
Beneath the Sea 2007 with Stan Waterman
Cocos & Malpelo with Amos Nacoum
Wyland’s Key Largo mural
Olympus sponsor British Underwater Image Festival 2007
Turtle Week in Bali
Japanese dolphin slaughter continues

Issue N° 35

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